29 May 2011

Earcuff earrings with cross 059

Earcuff earrings, an earcuff in silver with the print "good luck" and a clover on it. Attached to the cuff is two chains with a earpin at the end and a cross.

Price: £4 or 40kr

10 May 2011

Earcuff earrings 058

Will restock in about a week, if you're interested in one, please contact me.

Earcuff earrings, an earcuff in silver with the print "good luck" and a clover on it. Attached to the cuff is one or two(you decide, depending on the amount of piercings in your ear, please tell me the number) chains with a earpin at the end.

Price: £4 or 40kr

Starfish necklace 057

This is a starfish necklace, made with a long chain, a large bead(blue or pink), a bead cap and a silver coloured starfish.

Price: £7 or 70kr

04 May 2011


I was just wondering if there is any interest from my visitors for me to sell a ring that looks like this for about £5.50 or 55kr, Please leave a response here or on facebook!

02 May 2011

Följ dina drömmar 056

This is a bracelet made from a quite "thick" silver plated chain and have red and white meads attatched, the colours of the "colored" beads are of optional colour. If you want the bracelet without any beads at all that will be possible, just let me know.
The bracelet can also come with the text "Glädje Lycka Harmoni" if you prefer.

Price: £5.50

Animal necklaces 055

These "animal necklaces" are made from clay and will suit everyone from the age of 3+. The length of the chain is optional but i will try to measure it to fit the purchaser.

The clay figures measure just over 2cm to just over 3cm.

All my clay items are 100% handmade

Price: £6