31 March 2012

The golden snitch 111

Golden snitch inspired necklace and earrings made from golden beads and dark silver Ikaros wings and silver plated chain/ear hooks. Length of chain is optional.

Price: Necklace £5.50 or 55kr
          Earrings  £4.50 or 45kr 

Shell necklace 110

Shell necklaces which are all 100% unique as the shells are hand picked by the sea by myself. You can choose the length of the chain yourself and if you would prefer another colour of the beads.

Price: £8 or 80kr

Scrabble ring 109

Scrabble ring with personalised message, you can choose from words such as "WTF", "WOW", "ETC", "FTW", "LOL",... or anything of your own choice.

 Price: £5,50 or 55kr