20 May 2012

Glass necklaces 122

Necklaces made from glass domes and brass back plates. All are handmade.

Price: £6.50 or 65kr

29 April 2012

Unusual bracelet 121

Unusual bracelet made from silver sleeve holders, black ribbon, porcelain beads and black beads.

Price: £5.50 or 55kr

Shell earrings 120

Shell earrings made from unique shells picked from the ocean, fish hook earrings and small champagne beads.

Price: £5 or 50kr

Tassel and crystal earrings 119

Tassel earrings made from small black tassels, dark crystals, small silver plated flower space beads and fish hook earrings.

Price: £5 or 50kr

Purple necklace 118

Purple necklace made from a purple ribbon, aluminium wire wrapped around a big pink bead.

Price: £5.50 or 55kr

House scarf pin 117

Harry Potter "Hogwarts house scarf" made from clay. Choose from which ever of the four houses you want and pin their scarf to your shirt.

All my clay items are 100% handmade

Price: £4 or 40kr

Shell with pearl bracelet 116

The bracelet is made from a unique shell that i've picked in the ocean, a bead glued to the inside of the shell, a purple ribbon and a silver plated chain.

Price: £4.50 or 45kr

Shell and ribbon necklace 115

Necklace made from a big shell, necklace is unique as the shell has been picked in the ocean by myself. Beside the shell the necklace is made from white silk ribbon and a green suede ribbon.

Price: £5.50 or 55kr

Stone necklace 114

Necklace made from a rose coloured stone, aluminium wire, black ribbon and silver plated chain.

Price: £5 or 50kr

15 April 2012

Harry Potter inspired 113

((Click on the pictures to enlarge and read the text on each item))

Harry Potter inspired jewelry made from glass domes and silver/brass backplates. All are handmade with quotes or symbols from the series.

Price: Necklace £6.50 or 65kr
          Earrings  £6.00 or 60kr

Hunger Games inspired 112

((Click on the pictures to enlarge and read the text on each item))

Hunger games inspired necklaces and earrings made from glass domes and silver/brass backplates. All are handmade with quotes or associations from the trilogy.

Price: Necklace £6.50 or 65kr
          Earrings  £5.00 or 50kr

31 March 2012

The golden snitch 111

Golden snitch inspired necklace and earrings made from golden beads and dark silver Ikaros wings and silver plated chain/ear hooks. Length of chain is optional.

Price: Necklace £5.50 or 55kr
          Earrings  £4.50 or 45kr 

Shell necklace 110

Shell necklaces which are all 100% unique as the shells are hand picked by the sea by myself. You can choose the length of the chain yourself and if you would prefer another colour of the beads.

Price: £8 or 80kr

Scrabble ring 109

Scrabble ring with personalised message, you can choose from words such as "WTF", "WOW", "ETC", "FTW", "LOL",... or anything of your own choice.

 Price: £5,50 or 55kr

26 November 2011

Cluster of beads - necklace 108

Cluster of beads along with a white bow on a silver plated  chain. The bead colour scheme is optional.

 Price: £6 or 60kr

Earrings with pendant 107

Earrings with pendant,  either with a wing or a cross, you can also chose from a stud earring or so call fish hook earrings. In the picture i show the stud version.

Price: £3.50 or 35kr

25 November 2011

Bracelet with pendant 106

Bracelet with pendant made from various coloured beads, it is possible to ask for a colour scheme, silver spacers and a pendant. You can choose from pendants such as the snow  flake or scrabble pendant with optional letter!

Price: 5.50 or 55kr

30 September 2011

Halloween/Christmas bracelet 105

Halloween Bracelet
Can be made into a Christmas bracelet with white ribbon instead of black!

This is a Halloween bracelet that also can be bought as a Christmas bracelet instead with xmas charms seen as above and with white ribbons instead of black!

All my clay items are 100% handmade

Price: £5.50

Halloween earrings 104

Cute Halloween earrings, chose either 1 pair of the same or why not mix and match and make a pair out of two different pieces :)

All my clay items are 100% handmade

Price: £3 or 30kr / pair (mix and match or two of the same)