26 November 2011

Cluster of beads - necklace 108

Cluster of beads along with a white bow on a silver plated  chain. The bead colour scheme is optional.

 Price: £6 or 60kr

Earrings with pendant 107

Earrings with pendant,  either with a wing or a cross, you can also chose from a stud earring or so call fish hook earrings. In the picture i show the stud version.

Price: £3.50 or 35kr

25 November 2011

Bracelet with pendant 106

Bracelet with pendant made from various coloured beads, it is possible to ask for a colour scheme, silver spacers and a pendant. You can choose from pendants such as the snow  flake or scrabble pendant with optional letter!

Price: 5.50 or 55kr