20 July 2011

Porcelain bead earrings 088

Porcelain bead earrings made from porcelain beads, clear seed beads and flower spacers.

Price: £3.50 or 35kr

Bead earrings 087

Cute bead earrings made with a bead, the colour is up to you I got nearly any, a clear seed bead and a flower spacer.

Price: £3 or 30kr

02 July 2011

Chain and ribbon bracelet 086

Chain and ribbon bracelets that comes in the colours above. The ribbon goes through the chain that is silver plated and the bracelet is closed by tying the ends together.

Price: £5 or 50kr

Biscuit bracelet 085

This is a Biscuit bracelet made from clay and a silver plated chain. The chain is about 18cm which is normaly my standard length of bracelets.

All my clay items are 100% handmade

Price: £5.50 or 55kr

Black bracelet chain and ovals 084

A bracelet made from a black chain and black ovals. It measure about 18cm.

Price: £5 or 50kr

Tassel necklace 083

Tassel necklaces made from silver plated chain, a larger bead to match the colour, beads and a tassel. They are available in the colours above.

Price: £8 or 80kr

Porcelain bracelet082

Bracelets made from "normal" beads and porcelain beads. Its made to fit a teenager or an adult and they are beaded upon an elastic cord. They can be bought in the colours shown above and black.

Price: £6 or 60kr

Scrabble jewelry 081

Scrabble jewelry either as a ring or earrings (if you are interested in a necklace please contact me for details). These are made from authentic scrabble pieces and therefor is some letters more available than others but so far is all letters A-Z in stock.

Price: Ring - £3 or 30kr
           Earrings - £4 or 40kr

Chess necklace 080

Necklace made from a long silver plated chain that is attached to either a white or black king or queen.

Price: £6 or 60kr

Bead bunch ring 079

A bead bunch ring made from alot of beads in various sizes. The ring is adjustable and silver plated.

Price: £6 or 60kr

Toffee ring 078

Toffee ring made from clay, the finger bits are silver plated.

All my clay items are 100% handmade

Price: £4 or 40kr

Gem rings 077

The rings showed in the pictures are an amethyst and a rock crystal ring, the finger bits are silver plated.

Price: £4.50 or 45kr

Marshmallow bracelet 076

Marshmallow bracelet made from a silver plated chain, 6 beads and 3 marshmallows. It measures abut 17-18cm.

Price: £5 or 50kr

Thread and bead earrings 015

Lovely thread and bead earrings that comes in a range of different colours. The colours avaliable are the ones showed above, also bare in mind that all colours may weary from screen to screen.

These earrings are hand made from thread and seedbeads.

Price: £3.50 or 35kr

Cookie monster necklace 034

This is a cookie monster necklace. It comes on a black leather cord which is adjustable to fit anyone. I got matching earrings for sale as well, click HERE to see them.

All my clay items are 100% handmade. 

Price: £7 or 70

Plaited bead bracelets 075

Plaited bracelets made with seed beads with a length to fit a teenager or an adult. They come in a range of colours so its up to you if you want another one than the ones in the pictures.

Price: £5 or 50kr 

Animal necklaces 074

Animal necklaces made from clay, elephant, cat, 2 dogs and a tiger. The are sold separately and are hanging from a black leather cord. Attached to the cord is two beads on each end, colours to match the animal.

All my clay items are 100% handmade

Price: £6.50 or 65kr

Melon star necklace 073

A silver plated "rusty" touch chain with two pink (same colour as the star but picture is a bit off) beads, two small green beads + the melon and star beads. This is a "long" necklace.

Price: £7 or 70kr

Bee hive necklace 072

A "bee hive" necklace made from a bee hive looking bead, two light orange beads and a  yellow star bead and a long silver plated with "rusty" touch chain.

Price: £7 or 70kr

Black bracelet with a colour dot 071

Bracelet made from a black chain, circle of hematite stone with a colourful bead in the middle (Red, blue, green, turquoise or white).

 Price: £5.50 or 55kr

Mario looking starts, earrings 070

Earrings inspired from the game super mario. Measure approx. 1,5cm.

All my clay items are 100% handmade

Price: £3 or 30kr

Bead and string bracelet 069

This bracelet is made from beads that come in 2 sizes, dark silver bead caps and spacers. Attached at the back is a black thicker string. The bracelet measures approx 17-18cm and fit a teenager or an adult.

Price: £5 or 50kr

Bottle cap earrings 068

Bottle cap earrings made from real bottle tops. The ones in the pictures above are the ones currently available.

Price: £3 or 30kr

"Phone tags" 067

Phone tags in a large range, if you have spotted anything you like that is not in this picture i can make it into a phone tag, just contact me.

All my clay items are 100% handmade

Price: £2/tag or 20Kr/tag

Chess earrings 066

The pair of earrings consist of one black and one white pawn. Made from a real chess game.

Price: £30 or 30kr